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housing bore

The following dimensions must be met for VR shaft seals.

t1= b * 0,85 (at least)

t2= b + 0,3mm (at least)

r2= 0,7mm (maximum)

Concentricity and coaxiality according to DIN 3760

The necessary surface quality can be obtained by finish-turning.

For surface roughness applies:

  • Rt ≤ 16 µm (Ra ≤ 3 µm)
  • 4,0 µm ≤ Rz ≤ 8,0 µm
  • Bohrdurchmesser: ISO Toleranz H 8

Die Gehäusebohrung soll immer eine Fase von 15° erhalten, damit der Dichtring in der Gehäusebohrung vorgeführt ist und es nicht zum Abscheren der Membrane kommt.

  • Rt ≤ 16µm (Ra ≤ 3µm)
  • 4,0µm ≤ Rz ≤ 8,0µm
  • bore tolerance: ISO tolerance H8

The housing bore should always have a chamfer of 15° so that the seal is installed in the housing bore and the membrane is not sheared off.