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mounting instructions

Only a professional installation guarantees the functionality and a long service lifetime of the VR radial shaft seal.

In order to avoid mounting errors, you should pay attention to the following:

  • No sharp edges on tool or work piece
  • No dirt
  • No metal chips
  • No residues of moulding sand
  • No soiled mounting grease / oil
  • No uncovered grooves

Before assembly:

  • Fill approx. 60% with grease
  • Check correct lip position
  • Housing bore clean
  • Shaft clean and lightly oiled with mineral oil
  •  Spray the seal on the outside with isopropanol

As the case may be accessory cone over the journal of the shaft 

Push seal onto the shaft under slight rotation 

Always check the sealing lip for a correct fit 

Axially parallel, by using suitable tools to press the seal into the housing bore 

Check correct and good fit.

Rotate the shaft in both directions. The shaft must be easily rotatable.

Diagonally installed seals have no sealing function!

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