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shaft / mating surface

The steels used in mechanical engineering are sufficient for the shaft surface. A follow-up treatment is not necessary due to the low contact pressure of the seal.

General requirements according to DIN 3760 and 3761:

  • Rz = 1-5µm (latest publications in the area of sealing technology recommend a Rz value of 3-5μm)
  • Rmax ≤ 6,3µm
  • twist-free condition
  • diameter tolerance h11
  • roundness IT8

Recommendations for the mechanical construction of the mating surface

  • According to DIN 3760 and 3761: grinding in the puncture with complete firing, odd speed ratio!! (very suitable method)
  • Hard turning with a very low feed rate can also be suitable. It depends, however, on the individual case, which is why we cannot recommend this without any restrictions
  • Orthogonal scratches to the sealing surface are to be avoided, which is why we strongly advise against any manual follow-up treatment
  • Shaft coatings can significantly increase the friction capacity of the entire system; preliminary investigations should be carried out in the case of coated waves
  • Do not polish the shafts

A good conditioning of the contact surface is required in the case of thermally or mechanically highly stressed sealing points.

Please contact us so that we can work out the special case together.