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Housing bore

The following dimensions should be observed for VR sealing rings. The required surface quality can be achieved by finishing.

The following applies to surface roughness:
– Rt ≤ 16 μm (Ra ≤ 3 μm)
– 4.0 μm ≤ Rz ≤ 8.0 μm
– Drill diameter: ISO tolerance H 8

The housing bore should always have a chamfer of at least 15° so that the sealing ring is advanced in the housing bore and the diaphragm does not shear off.


Housing bore

t1 = B * 0.85 (minimum)
t2 = B + 0.3 mm (minimum)
r2 = 0.7 mm (maximum)
Concentricity and coaxiality according to DIN 3760

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