All seals should be protected against drying out and UV light. Please observe the relevant standards, in particular ISO 2230:2002-04 and DIN 7716:1982.

The following factors are the most damaging for accelerated ageing of seals:
1. compression/tension/bending
2. ozone
3. heat
4. humidity
5. solvents

The storage room must therefore be cool (optimum temperature 15 °C), dry (optimum humidity 65 %), clean and ventilated! No ozone-generating electrical equipment (e.g. printers) may be set up in the storage room. Likewise, the storage room should not be used for the storage of solvents or outgassing substances.

Please note: Any differences in color (shades of one color) are purely visual and have no influence on the technical properties of the seal.

1 Note: approx. 50 % less than DIN seal

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